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Values of the EU - for now and for the future

The project will take place between 23rd and 25th of June 2023 (with arrival on the 22nd of June) in Sânnicolau de Munte (village belonging to Săcueni town) with the participation of delegations coming from Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

The meeting will tackle the past of the European Union, its mission and values. Also, the participants will have the chance to discuss all the relevant problems and challenges the community faces in these times of crisis: the aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccination campaign, the migration crisis, discriminations related to gender, religion, race, and more importantly the solidarity in times of war. Also, the younger participants will discuss during an Open Space programme the phenomenon of equality, meaning that they will search for solution on how to ensure this in different societal sectors. The young people will get also acquainted with the European Solidarity Corps programme and volunteering. They will also try one kind of volunteering activity: they will go to the local school (it will be holiday so no children will be there), and will paint and decorate the walls of a room. These activities will enable participants to develop their sense of citizenship and responsibility.

The participating delegations will also present their localities and the touristic, economic, social effects of their membership in the EU. This will serve as inspiration for other towns and communes.

The participants will also tackle the future of the European Union, but they will also work on different cooperation possibilities between them.

The intercultural exchange will also be present, because the delegations will show their folk dances, songs and food. These elements will help them to get aware of the importance of maintaining European cultural diversity.

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